AAA offers students and families a convenient way to complete the state of Maine's required 30 hours of classroom instruction through the "AAA How to Drive Online" program. The program offers students an interactive and informative way to learn the basics of driving before they get behind the wheel.

While the AAA blended course is offered mostly online, three classes are still required with a live instructor. Class 1 will be in-person at Northeast Driving School to introduce students to the course, their classroom instructor and the expectations of the students during the driver training course. Students will break for two weeks and complete part of the online module. Class 2 will be offered through zoom as a check-in, to provide instruction, and discuss the upcoming driving assignments. Students will break for another two weeks to complete the online module. The final class will be held in-person to review and administer the permit exam.

Students must register online for the AAA How to Drive Online program. Northeast Driving School can track students' progress in the module. A certificate of completion will be generated once a student successfully completes the online module. This certificate must be presented during the final class. Students cannot skip through material and quizzes and interactive activities are embedded throughout the program. While the course is somewhat self-directed, the live classes will help ensure that students are making adequate progress.

To Register:

  1. Register for an upcoming course HERE.
  2. Upon confirmation, follow the directions to sign up for the required parent orientation.
  3. Register for the AAA Course HERE.

*AAA Member fee: 39.95
*Non-Member fee: 49.95