Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does Driver's Ed cost?

The cost is 575 dollars paid to Northeast Driving School. There is also a fee to sign up for the AAA module that is required for the course. The module costs 39.95 for AAA members and 49.95 for non-members. The AAA fee is paid to AAA, not Northeast Driving School. Information on how to sign up is given at orientation.

How do I sign up for Driver's Ed?

On our website, there is a registration tab that you may use to sign up. Check out the schedule before signing up. Students and parents must commit to all classroom dates and choose one date for the mandatory orientation. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR CHILD MUST BE 15 YEARS OLD ON THE DATE OF THE FIRST ORIENTATION OPTION FOR THE COURSE YOU SELECT.

How may I make a payment?

When you sign up, we require a $150 deposit to hold your child's spot. The remaining $425 balance may be paid at orientation in exact cash or check. You can also make payments online under the payment tab on our website.

What if I have trouble accessing AAA?

We do not have access to much of the AAA database. The handout you receive at orientation gives you a number to call for technical assistance.

When do students begin driving?

Students are eligible to drive when they meet the following criteria:
  • One parent and student have attended orientation.
  • All necessary paperwork from orientation has been returned.
  • The student has attended classes 1 & 2.
  • The student has completed 50% of their AAA.
  • Students' balance is paid in full.
At Northeast Driving School, we operate on a cohort model. Students are released for driving approximately 7-10 days after their first class. When their class is released to begin driving, a driving instructor will contact them if they meet the above criteria.

Who is contacted to set up a driving schedule?

Driving instructors will contact the student by phone at the number listed in their paperwork.

What does driver's ed "look like" at Northeast Driving School?

  • One parent and the student MUST attend orientation. This is where we will go over all of the information pertaining to the course, as well as the required paperwork.
  • Students attend classes 1 & 2 IN PERSON on the specified dates.
  • Students begin to complete the AAA module and complete it in the established time frame/benchmarks.
  • Students begin driving after 50% of their AAA has been completed.
  • Students finish their AAA module BEFORE the scheduled date of their written exam.
  • Students return to Northeast Driving School for their written exam on the specified date.
  • Students receive their permit once all 10 hours of driving are complete, all classroom sessions have been attended, the AAA online section is 100% complete and students have passed the written exam.

What if my child does not finish their AAA?

Per state rules, if your child does not complete their AAA in time for the written exam, they are not eligible to take the test. You must call the driving school and set up an additional test time. There is a $60 re-test fee for students who need a makeup exam.

How many hours of driving does my child need?

Each student needs 10 hours of driving with an instructor. This time does not count toward the hours needed on the permit.

Do all the driving hours need to be completed before my child takes their exam?

No. Students must complete the AAA module to take the written exam. Many students will have driving sessions left after the exam. Students do not get their permit until they complete all driving hours and pass the exam.

We lost our temporary permit. What do we do?

Northeast Driving School can only issue temporary permits. The state of Maine can only issue official permits. Once you receive the temporary permit from us, you must send in the bottom half of the permit, the Class C Application, a check for $35 made out to the Secretary of State, and a copy of your child's birth certificate. If you lose the certificate or forget to send it in, please call us, and we can give you a copy.

How do I schedule a Road Test Review?

Call the school a week or two before your child takes their exam. We will do our best to fit your child in before their exam. Please ensure your child brings their permit to the road test review and make the $45 payment on our website under the payment tab.

Do you rent out cars for driver's tests?

For insurance purposes, we do not.