Student Driver Course Policies

1. Birth Certificate

Students are to present an official birth certificate from a state, city or town by the first day of a course. The original must be presented for verification and a copy will be made. A current Passport is also acceptable. The first day of the course is officially the first Student/Parent Orientation offering in the course and the student must be 15 years old by this date. As long as the student is 15 years old by the date of the first orientation option, the birth certificate or passport can be presented at the second orientation for the course.

2. Parental Participation

In order for a student to receive a permit, a parent or guardian must participate in the Driver's Ed Course. A parent or guardian is required to attend an orientation with the student. This is required by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the State of Maine. At Northeast Driving School, we also require a parent ride-along during the 10th hour of behind the wheel instruction for the student. This is an important and productive hour as it is the final hour of the driver's ed course. The student will move on to stage two of the process where they will be working with parents and other legal adults to accumulate the necessary hours to take the license road test.

3. Attendance

Each student must complete every step in the course in order to receive their Completion Certificate and their temporary (60 day) permit. Here are the steps required in the driver’s ed course:

Student/Parent Orientation – in person (1.5 – 2 hours)
Class 1 – in person (3 hours)
Class 2 – in person (3 hours)
AAA Module – online (20-25 hours) *Must be at 50% to drive. 100% to take the test.
Review & Written Test – in person (2 hours)
Behind-the-wheel instruction (10 hours)

4. Grading/Evaluation

Students must achieve an 80% or above on the final course test to complete the course and receive their Completion Certificate. Students will also be evaluated by quizzes and tests during the course.

If the student fails the final exam three times, he or she will have to repeat the classroom portion of the course. At no time will the student be allowed to exceed a maximum of 6 months to complete the course. Students will be given a State of Maine Driver's Manual at the start of the course.

5. Tuition/Charges/Refunds

The course fee is $575. A $150 deposit is required at registration and is non-refundable. The total balance is due by the first day of the course. Credit/debit card payments should be made through our website We accept cash, checks and money orders in our office. A $25 returned check fee will be charged for returned checks. Charges will be assessed for not showing for a driving instruction session or canceling without 24-hour notice. Missed appointments cause scheduling issues for instructors and other students along with lost production. The No-Show Fee is $25 for each missed appointment. Any student who does not attend the entire course can receive a pro-rated refund for the hours that they did not attend provided they are not dismissed from the course due to alcohol, drugs, harassment or misbehavior.

6. Postponements

If an in-person session needs to be postponed due to weather, power outage, etc., Northeast Driving School will post an announcement on Facebook and will also send out a group email to the entire roster of the course.

7. Alcohol & Drugs

Northeast Driving School has a Zero Tolerance policy when it comes to alcohol and drugs. Any student caught with or exhibiting the effects of alcohol or drugs will be removed from the course. If in the judgment of the instructor a student is mentally or physically not in a condition to drive safely, the student will not be permitted to drive on that day.

8. Tobacco

Northeast does not allow the use of tobacco on school property or in or around company vehicles.

9. Behavior

Driver Education is a very important and a very serious course of study. Reasons for removal from the course include harassment, being disruptive, disorderly or irresponsible. Northeast Driving School has a Zero Tolerance policy for any form of harassment. NO form of harassment or bullying will be tolerated. Those students caught stealing or cheating will also be removed from the course. Students should be dressed according to reasonable standards. Sandals, flip-flops, heels, large boots, etc. are not allowed as footwear during driving instruction.

10. Course Completion

The student will receive a Course Completion Certificate/Temporary Permit (60 Day) upon completing all of the steps in the course and passing the written permit test.